Monday, February 27, 2012

Purex Laundry Detergent Review -Mountain Breeze Triple Action and UltraPacks

A little while ago I was sent this bottle of Tripe Action Mountain Breeze Purex from being a Purex Insider. (You can join too, it's free!)
I am pretty picky when it comes to scents. The first time I used this laundry detergent, it seemed really strong as I poured it into the washing machine. I decided I wouldn't like it right then and there. Then, when the clothes came out of the dryer, they smelled wonderful! I just finished the last of my bottle and I am going to miss this scent. I've been thinking about making my own laundry detergent, but the scent of this alone (not to mention it does a good job of cleaning) is enough to make me buy it. Now, that could have something to do with me being pregnant, but I even grabbed Pixie after dressing her, just to smell her clothes. I sniff towels over and over. AH! So good.

I was also sent Purex UltraPacks in Mountain Breeze a few days after the other bottle arrived.
I just finished those too. For some reason the scent didn't seem as strong to me, but it still smelled so wonderful. The little packs are very convenient, but I didn't use them as often because I normally do extra large loads of laundry and one of these is recommended for a med-large load. It was really fun seeing them dissolve in the water, even cold water dissolved them really quickly.

If I hadn't been so sick and down in the past couple of months, I would have had some free coupons to give away. But alas, I do not. Thank you Purex for the free detergent and the wonderful scent! I recommend you all go out and try it. At least smell it. :)

And if you want to become a Purex Insider too, visit to apply!

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