Friday, July 13, 2012

Purex Triple Action Giveaway

How would you like a whole bottle of Purex laundry detergent, for free?
I have three coupons for a free bottle, good through December 31st 2013, to give away!

Purex has launched their "Let's Be Honest" campaign. "Shedding some light on the everyday absurdities." 
 They have several videos for you to watch. My favorite is "Deep Clean". :)

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Dry Idea Review and Giveaway

Being a Purex Insider sure has it's perks.
I was sent a bottle of Dry Idea deodorant and antiperspirant to try out., in the roll-on form/ powder fresh scent. 
Check out their website,, to see all the variety they offer.

Honestly, I didn't have high hopes. I have tried out so many deodorants (natural and not), then ended up buying clinical strength versions because nothing did the trick. 

Now, I'm not an overly smelly girl. I don't like smelling 'off' at all...or smelling like deodorant and sweat together. Yuck. I hate underarm wetness too. Doing cardio workouts is really gross. I really don't like sweating!
I gave the Dry Idea a good try and.....I LIKE IT! It works better at controlling wetness than most, if not all, of the clinical strength deodorants I've tried. Plus the scent was pleasant and did not remind me of baby products.  It even passed the second-day-reapply. Hey, I had to put it to the real test! 
Hooray! I will be buying more in the future. 
Thank you, Dry Idea!

Would you like a coupon for a free bottle, to try out for yourself?
I have 2 to give away!

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Purex Laundry Detergent Review -Mountain Breeze Triple Action and UltraPacks

A little while ago I was sent this bottle of Tripe Action Mountain Breeze Purex from being a Purex Insider. (You can join too, it's free!)
I am pretty picky when it comes to scents. The first time I used this laundry detergent, it seemed really strong as I poured it into the washing machine. I decided I wouldn't like it right then and there. Then, when the clothes came out of the dryer, they smelled wonderful! I just finished the last of my bottle and I am going to miss this scent. I've been thinking about making my own laundry detergent, but the scent of this alone (not to mention it does a good job of cleaning) is enough to make me buy it. Now, that could have something to do with me being pregnant, but I even grabbed Pixie after dressing her, just to smell her clothes. I sniff towels over and over. AH! So good.

I was also sent Purex UltraPacks in Mountain Breeze a few days after the other bottle arrived.
I just finished those too. For some reason the scent didn't seem as strong to me, but it still smelled so wonderful. The little packs are very convenient, but I didn't use them as often because I normally do extra large loads of laundry and one of these is recommended for a med-large load. It was really fun seeing them dissolve in the water, even cold water dissolved them really quickly.

If I hadn't been so sick and down in the past couple of months, I would have had some free coupons to give away. But alas, I do not. Thank you Purex for the free detergent and the wonderful scent! I recommend you all go out and try it. At least smell it. :)

And if you want to become a Purex Insider too, visit to apply!