Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Earn Free Gift Cards

Here are my favorite places to earn some extra spending money, by redeeming point for gift cards.

I have been a member of MyPoints for at least ten years. You earn points many ways. Do surveys, print and redeem coupons, play games, open their bonus mail e-mail offers (get 5 points just for clicking, even if you don't take advantage of offer), click through their site when you shop at online retailers; and get a certain amount of points per dollar sent. For example, I buy stuff on eBay quite a bit. So I first go through MyPoints and open a window up through them. Depending on the monthly promotion, you get 2-4 points per dollar spend. Other places like Target.com gets you more like 7 points per dollar. Take advantage of special offers, like signing up for Netflix, and get over 1,000 points! Just remember to go to MyPoints before you buy anything online, to see if they sponsor your merchant.
Check out MyPoints and start earning points for free gift cards!

Another place I started earning in the past few months, is with Swag Bucks. I quickly grew to love this program! So far, without being very diligent, I have earned about $35 in Amazon.com gift cards for free! You can redeem sawgbucks for gift cards at many places, but you get the most bang for your bucks with Amazon gift cards.
Set Swag Bucks as your homepage and use their search engine. You randomly win swagbucks for searches. You may also print and redeem coupons and participate in games they sponsor for extra swagbucks. Although I don't participate in these games, I do follow them on Facebook, and sometimes I score codes for free swagbucks posted in my feed.

I decided to explore Swag Bucks even more. They have a task page where you can do data entry and earn swagbucks. It's worth it to me. I did one task worth over 100 swagbucks, 450 swagbucks is enough for an Amazon.com $5 gift card.

There is also a daily deal page. This links up with daily deal sites (a list of my favorite deal sites here) and you gain swagbucks by clicking and buying these deals through Swag Bucks. Just today I clicked through the link on Swag Bucks to purchase a deal from LivingSocial. You earn 450 swagbucks for each deal you buy on LivingSocial (enough for a $5 Amazon gift card!) and today I bought a Cold Stone Creamery $10 gift card for $5. How 'sweet' is that? :)
Head over to Swag Bucks and sign up!

Have fun earning your free gift cards!

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